Quality Engineering Manager

I love Indeed’s vision and culture!

It’s a completely different industry from where I was before, but I chose Indeed.

My Job

It’s a company with a flexible mind that provides lots of opportunities and possibilities.

I am a Quality Assurance Engineer Manager at Indeed. Our team tests the products, making sure they are high quality and customer friendly. At Indeed, our mission is to “help people get jobs” so we make sure that our product is high quality and job seeker friendly ,” through comprehensive testing, technical expertise and user advocacy.
Compared to the finance sector where I used to work in, it is much more flexible. We have more opportunities and possibilities to experiment at Indeed, and sometimes we can even try open tools. As long as it will be for our users, we are able to challenge new possibilities.

My Story

I value the vision and the culture of the company.

I had been working for a finance company in Europe and managing quality engineer team for 9 years. Even though Indeed is in a different sector from finance, the culture and the vision of Indeed got me interested. For me, what is really important is not necessarily the sector, but the vision and the culture of the company.
I value Indeed’s diversity and inclusion, which is something I value. Being in a company where I can share this is very important for me.

My Message

Come and visit us!

We are always organizing events for those who are interested in getting to know Indeed. It’s a great opportunity to see our office and meet Indeedians so that you can really see who we are and, what we do.