Senior UX Designer

The passion towards
“We help people get jobs”
is everywhere in our office.

When we see our design makes job seekers happy, we are happy, too.

My Job

I help job seekers and employers achieve their goals.

I am a UX designer. My job is to design product experience for jobseekers and employers.To simply explain it to those who aren’t familiar with the design world, I design the placement of buttons, fields, labels and other controls when a user is using Indeed. I design the story of how a job seeker or employer begins its user journey all the way to the happy ending. I have to consider what kind of label to use, what to name a button, where exactly to place it to make it most useful, etc. It may seem like an easy decision, but there is a lot of data and knowledge used behind the scenes. We do a lot of user research; we talk with users to understand their needs, frustrations and wishes before we can make sure job seekers do find the best jobs and employers find the best job seekers. Indeed’s mission is so interesting. When I see that our design helps job seekers succeed, I feel that I am fulfilling my mission. That motivates me. I know that I am actually helping people, real job seekers and employers, achieve their goals. That’s a designer’s biggest motivation.

My Story

I knew it was going to be a lifetime opportunity.

Before joining Indeed, I was working for an online security company in Czech Republic that antivirus, performance tuning, personal & family protection, and data protection.
I had my fateful encounter with Indeed when I was recommended from a friend who already was an Indeedian. He had explained to me how the company was growing exponentially in Japan and I immediately became interested. But what really got me was the immense mission of “help people get jobs” that Indeed had. I knew that this was going to be a lifetime opportunity and decided to be a part of it. So my family and I packed our bags and flew all the way to Japan to join Indeed.
When I joined, I was intrigued by my smart, hard working, passionate, collaborative and open minded colleagues. The data driven ethos quickly ended all unproductive discussions and got all teams focused on fast ideation and evaluation of ideas with real users. Only the working ideas win at Indeed. Ego stays behind.

My Message

Empathy is the key for a designer.

Empathy is the most important factor for a designer because we need to design for someone else and not for ourselves. We have to empathise with the job seeker goals, needs and ambitions. We and need to find the great solution to make sure that they have a satisfying user experience.
Passion is what makes Indeed different. Everywhere I turn, I can feel the passion that we are all working towards the mission of “helping people get jobs”. I believe that this passion and empowered teams are the key aspect of Indeed’s success.