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Senior Software Engineer

I didn’t know I wanted this job
so much until I interviewed.

I already had a job I really enjoyed. But I was convinced
during the interviews that I could learn a lot if I join.

My Job

Fantastic office culture where everyone helps each other.

I am currently the tech lead of the job search backend team. Our team is responsible for building and maintaining the infrastructure which powers job search and other major products for over 60 countries and hundreds of millions of users worldwide.
Our mission is to build a fast, flexible, and reliable platform. Product ideas move quickly here and it is my team's mission to keep this velocity high and keep the lights on. I work with a group of very talented engineers, QAs, and product team who make this possible.

My Story

Indeedians are engaged, excited, and passionate.

Before joining Indeed, I worked 3 years for a Japanese e-commerce company on their search platform team. I had no interest in changing my job when my recruiter gave me a call.
After some time I caved in and started the interview process. I was immediately impressed with how structured the process was. More importantly I was impressed by how competent the interviewers were. I began to think I could really learn from these people. I could tell they genuinely enjoyed what they were working on. They were engaged, excited, and passionate.
By the time I reached the end of the interview process, I had gone from not caring about getting the job, to hoping I would get an offer. Luckily I did and now I am here.

My Message

A strong sense of ownership will lead to success here.

To be successful at Indeed, you need a strong sense of ownership. Tokyo has a fantastic office culture where everyone helps each other. We are all here to help each other succeed, but it is you that needs to push yourself and your ideas forward. For those who want to strive to succeed, Indeed is the place for you!

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