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Senior UX Designer

I am the voice of users.

I had never heard of Indeed before, but after hearing the immense mission
that they had, I just had to join!

My Job

I represent job seekers and employers.

As a UX designer, I am acting as the voice of the user, which means that I am representing job seekers and employers. What I do is craft experiences that address user needs and what they want to achieve on the site, while balancing the business goals at the same time. For example, on the Company Pages product, we want job seekers to get useful information to get to know more about companies easily and quickly. From a business perspective, we want them to be able to consume the information and apply for jobs.

My Story

From Boston to Japan, I flew all the way here to fix Indeed’s website design.

Before joining Indeed, I had worked in a product team of a travel company in Boston for 10 years. I enjoyed my job in Boston, but there was a part of me that missed working for a company with a mission. A mission that focused zon users so that I can feel the necessity in design improvement. Just when I was feeling this way, I met a recruiter from Indeed that provided me this life changing opportunity. I had actually never heard of Indeed at the time. I found the job to be interesting and decided to check out the website as well. The website itself was great for its simplicity, but I felt excited that I found many things that could be improved. I knew that this was the company that had the mission I was looking for.

My Message

I love the amazing people and collaborative culture here.

Here at Indeed, you will have big challenges and lots of collaboration with amazing people.
There is no clear border so it is all up to you to work together to create the best. The scale of the office is changing dramatically, but the great part is that the culture is still like a startup. We still have a culture where we look out for one another and communicate closely with each other.
I would be happy to work with people who are collaborative and smart, as almost everyone is at Indeed. And not to forget, someone who is fun to work with!

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