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Senior Product Manager

Indeed is a special place where you can be passionate.

People are empowered to work on topics they are passionate about at Indeed

My Job

My main goal is making my team happy so that they can make the best product.

I am a Senior Product Manager for the Employer Mobile team. We are working on the employer side helping them post jobs and manage candidates on their phones, tablets and apps.
What I always keep in mind is that we “help people get jobs”. We have to figure out how to provide the best jobs for job seekers and the perfect candidates for employers.
We have many different nationalities working at Indeed and I love working in such a diverse environment. As a manager, I make sure that my team is happy and that’s my main goal. I believe that by making my team happy, they will enjoy what they do and this will lead to motivating them to make the best product for the employers.

My Story

I was impressed by how smart and talented the people were.

My previous company was a fintech startup in Hong Kong. It was quite exciting to work there since I got to see the company grow from 5 to 120 people.
Then one day, Indeed Japan called me. I have to admit that I had never heard about Indeed at that time. In fact, I had never even been to Japan…
Although I didn’t know much about Indeed, I decided to speak with them. Throughout the interview, I was amazed to hear how rapidly they were growing in Japan and find out how talented the people were.
I knew that I had to work here by the end of the interview process. It was an opportunity that I had to take.

My Message

Indeed provides me the opportunity to be exactly where I want to be.

I have worked for companies of different sizes both corporate and startups.
Yet, I have never worked for a company like Indeed where it encourages employees to work on something that they can be passionate about. When I made a proposal to our executive members that we need a mobile team to make an app, they felt my passion and told me “Ok, build it! Here are some engineers.” Now I have a team of 7 engineers and 3 UX designers who are dedicated to Indeed’s mobile app. Indeed listens to your passion and gives you a chance to pursue it. Thanks to this corporate culture, I am exactly where I want to be.

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