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Senior Software Engineer

The more I learnt
about Indeed, the more
interested I was.

We are looking for people who are keen to get things done!

My Job

A great place to learn from members with various backgrounds.

I am a senior software engineer, currently working on our open-source data analysis system called “Imhotep”. I have worked for multiple teams since I joined, such as for our company pages, internal DevOps tools, and advertising system.
At each different team I worked for, it was exciting to work and share knowledge with my team members because of the different backgrounds we each had. With people from more than 35 countries, it’s a stimulating environment that makes you want to become better. There is a lot you can learn and the atmosphere is great.

My Story

Indeed is fast paced and has a very people-focused culture.

Before I joined Indeed Japan, I was living in Dublin, Ireland, working on online services for video games. I initially found out about Indeed through a recruiter, and the more I learnt through the interview process, the more interested I was. One of the things which fascinated me about Indeed is the speed of innovation. Usually when working on a new feature, it can take months for it to be launched. At Indeed, when it comes to improvement for our users, the speed we work at is impressive to get those features quickly in front of a large audience. We want to make sure that we can make our users’ lives easier by making their job search better as soon as we can.

My Message

Be keen to get things done!

The people here are top class engineers so it makes a difference to be curious about your current work for self-development. We are keen to get things done and that’s very important here. Action is key rather than sitting around and analyzing for hours. It’s better to release some minimal version and quickly get feedback on your idea to guide your next steps. Ownership is also very important at Indeed. We all look around to see what needs to be done and we take action when necessary. If these are qualities that you are looking for at your next company, Indeed is the company for you!

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