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Senior Engineering Manager

I joined to learn how Indeed
is able to operate many
websites worldwide
and is still able to maintain
its fast growth.

Indeed is a big company, but still fast paced and an environment where
people are empowered to make a difference!

My Job

There are many opportunities to make a big impact.

I am a senior engineering manager, and my team specifically focuses on improving the performance of Indeed in Japan and India, both for the job seeker as well as the employer. What I really like about Indeed is that there are so many chances to make a big impact, and people are really empowered to follow their passion and opportunities. There is hardly any top down order and nobody tells you what to do.
The culture at Indeed is fast paced and very data-driven. Most teams ship code and new features to production multiple times in a week. Decisions are made based on the data. Anybody can propose and implement new ideas. We define minimum viable products (MVPs) and try to collect data validating new ideas in the shortest time. We invest more time in features proven successful, and we value the learnings we obtain from other experiments that turned out to be less successful.

My Story

The company is growing dramatically, but yet we are collaborating effectively worldwide.

I used to work for another vertical search engine company in Japan similar to Indeed, but the service was for tangible products. Compared to my previous company, Indeed runs at a much larger scale. We have 200M unique visitors each month and we have websites in more than 60 countries. I was interested in learning more about how a successful company is able to keep a high engineering velocity, operating websites all over the world and be able to collaborate effectively between tech offices worldwide.
Furthermore, Indeed was and still is a company that is growing very quickly. It is a exciting experience to be a part of contributing to this fast growth at Indeed.

My Message

Taking initiative is the key at Indeed.

There are so many opportunities to make an impact at Indeed. So in order to be successful at Indeed, I think the most important thing is to take initiative. People who actively identify opportunities and pursue the areas they are excited about are the ones who make the big impact. At Indeed, we want to make our service better for our users , because that is .what our job is about: “Helping people get jobs”.

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